Fels Delivers ATTITUDE


The unique patented geometry improves the efficiency of the ski’s turn profile through a combination of design criteria. The ski’s balanced turning radius derives a more fluid turn while the ski naturally adjusts to a mixture of conditions and terrain. This is achieved through a carefully blended camber apex profile in conjunction with the sidecut’s waist configuration and flex specific to each length of ski.


Mark Kline reviews the ATTITUDE ski

The joy of skiing comes from our satisfaction of personal performance no matter how or where we ski. The ATTITUDE line of skis is meticulously designed to enhance performance across all mountain conditions through its shape’s ability to adapt to varying conditions. This is achieved by the effect of the ski’s balanced turn shape and flexing profile specific to the ski’s geometry that provides enhanced skier stability and ski predictability.

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The exhilaration of an exciting run is something skiers are addicted to. Feeling the adrenaline rush from a flawless decent induces a feeling of ecstasy and wanting more. That thought of “everything is just amazing!” is a great reward for the perfect ski day.  When you discover for yourself how much performance and attributes the ATTITUDE skis can provide across the mountain’s diverse terrain and conditions, you’ll want to find a way to increase your mountain visits.  ATTITUDE skis match whatever attitude you bring to the mountain!

Limited Edition with Power Dual Core technology


In 1985 the Fels brothers built their first prototype. Now 35 years later Fels has teamed up with Thoroughbred skis to launch the patented ATTITUDE Line of Skis.  After forming a research and development partnership Fels & Thoroughbred have evolved the ATTITUDE line over a three-year period. The skis were pressed at Thoroughbreds’ facility right at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and tested all over the mountain. A number of prototypes later Fels & Thoroughbred are launching the new ATTITUDE line.

Dave Horsfield & Chris Fels (right) with ATTITUDE

The skis are classified as “Cross Mountain Performance” derived from their ability to augment skiers performance in a variety of resort based terrain and conditions.  Performance enhancements are achieved by fundamentally changing the turn shape of the ski.  The physics behind the design includes both the geometry and flex criteria, which are carefully blended together, enabling the skier to produce a more balanced and efficient turning arc relative to the skier’s position on the skis.

Skiers on ATTITUDE will notice increased stability with the ability to easily change their path of travel relative to their position on the slope.  Skiers will also notice the skis carve precisely throughout the turn. The portion of the ski in front of the skier and behind is balanced to turn on a variable axis point via a dual flex process ultimately providing a more dynamic and fluid turn shape. The uniqueness of the design is derived through the complexity of analyzing all the variables in ski design and relating them to all the variables of ski conditions, ski terrain and skier abilities and styles.

The initial criteria set forth was to build a ski that can improve skier performance through the following:

Allow the skier to effortlessly change their position (path of travel) on the slope through a variety of speed-controlled turn arcs with more stability that effectively enhances ski performance.

Through research and development, Fels has found the precise blend between the camber, sidecut, and ski taper profiles relative to both the middle of the ski as defined by the maximum width at tip and tail in respect to the position of the boot sole midpoint on the ski.  Each millimeter of change in any of the mentioned design criteria has an enormous impact along with the actual composite materials used in the layup. Each prototype built allowed the team to take the results and improve on the formula until it proved just right. Fels & Thoroughbred are excited to bring their “stoked ATTITUDE” to the mountains for 2020/21.

In summary, skiers looking for enhanced performance across a variety of resort based conditions look no further, ATTITUDE will deliver. All ATTITUDE skis are constructed with the highest quality materials. Please review the ATTITUDE Design Features for details.