Shaping Turns Since 1985


Video by Kootenay Outdoor Recreation Enterprise (KORE) Initiative with the support of the Province of British Columbia and ETSI-BC.

In 1985 the Fels brothers built their first prototype. Now over 35 years later, Fels based in Invermere, BC, continues designing and producing the FELS line of skis. The skis are manufactured locally in the Kootenays.

Patented Geometry

Through research and development, Fels has found the precise blend between camber, sidecut, and ski taper profiles to effectively regulate pressure distribution along the length of the ski, creating a dramatically more stable and effortless ski turn. The effect of the new geometry is like having a high performance suspension system built into the ski.

How it Feels!

Video highlights how quick the skis effectively change the direction of the skier. The feeling is incredibly rewarding. Carving turns on Fels is effortless. Your ATTITUDE will seriously make a difference!

The exhilaration of an exciting run is something skiers are addicted to. Feeling the adrenaline rush from a flawless and effortless descent induces a feeling of ecstasy and wanting more. When you discover for yourself how much performance and attributes the FELS skis can provide across the mountain’s diverse terrain and conditions, you’ll want to find a way to increase your mountain visits.