Video by Kootenay Outdoor Recreation Enterprise (KORE) Initiative with the support of the Province of British Columbia and ETSI-BC.

In 1985 the Fels brothers built their first prototype. Now over 30 years later, Fels based in Invermere, BC, continues designing and producing the FELS line of skis. The skis are pressed at Thoroughbreds’ facility in the Columbia Valley.

Performance enhancements are achieved by fundamentally changing the turn shape of the ski. The physics behind the design includes both the geometry and flex criteria, which are carefully blended together, enabling the skier to produce a more balanced and efficient turn.

Patented Geometry

Through research and development, Fels has found the precise blend between the camber, sidecut, and ski taper profiles relative to both the middle of the ski as defined by the maximum width at tip and tail in respect to the position of the boot sole midpoint on the ski.

How it Feels!

The exhilaration of an exciting run is something skiers are addicted to. Feeling the adrenaline rush from a flawless decent induces a feeling of ecstasy and wanting more. That thought of “everything is just amazing!” is a great reward for the perfect ski day. When you discover for yourself how much performance and attributes the FELS skis can provide across the mountain’s diverse terrain and conditions, you’ll want to find a way to increase your mountain visits.