Mountain Culture Group review day at Red Mountain

In February, Ski Fels delivered some ATTITUDE demo skis for the Mountain Culture Group based in Nelson, BC to review.  A ski day at Red Mountain Resort, BC was organized with the help of Mark Impey, from Canadian Ski Quest. Peter Moynes, publisher of Kootenay Mountain Culture & Coast Mountain Culture, was excited to ride … Read more

Skiing with Mark Kline

I had the opportunity to go skiing with Mark Kline at Panorama on December 29. Mark and I worked together teaching skiing in Quebec a few decades ago. Mark has spent years in the industry skiing in Canada and Europe and along the way he reached the highest certification from the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance, … Read more

Lexus of Calgary

Lexus of Calgary knows how to accessorize a vehicle for skiing, including skis with serious ATTITUDE. “Experience Amazing” on the road and on the slopes!