Product Features

Attitude By Fels 

Made to order. Select from three optimized designs or order custom built skis.  

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  • Manufactured in Canada 
  • Patented Geometry 
  • Maple core fibreglass sandwich
  • 163cm waist 87mm
  • 172cm  waist  89.5mm
  • 178cm  waist  98mm 
  • Custom

Principle features

The progressive forward waist design increases width under foot to ensure positive floatation in softer snow while enabling a narrower waist width for excellent edge to edge quickness on hard packed snow.​
The camber curve profile at the front of the ski reduces pressure for easy steering and quick turn initiation in all conditions. The camber’s contact point position is balanced with the progressive sidecut, generating improved stability, carving and steering in any turn size.
The camber’s apex position enables the ski to store more energy providing superior edge grip and forward directional energy release between turns to enhance balance.
The new geometric shape of the ski permits a dual flex profile that provides amazing holding ability on hard packed snow without sacrificing easy manoeuvrability in softer snow conditions.

Technical evolution

Fels ski designers have analyzed in great detail materials, shapes, ski conditions and skiers. The challenge was to produce a ski that would provide exceptional performance in various conditions under different speeds, independent of skiers’ abilities. The achievement in creating the Fels skis has been rendered through years of experience in the field. 

Camber including it’s apex, height and curvature in relation to the ski’s sidecut, waist location and radius combined with the flex characteristics of the ski are all considered when analyzing the external factors.

From this research Fels designers were able to coordinate all of these elements together in order to achieve a new and unique product. The launch of the Attitude by Fels is a result of a collaborative approach by many dedicated and passionate skiing individuals.