Evolving Design


The skis are a dream

I’ve been skiing in Vail since Jan. 7.  The skis are a dream.  Straight line or turning, they’re stable and dependable.  Best money I ever spent.
Fred Zipp

Only one life to live and I refuse to compromise!

For all my skiing buddies out there… Just had my first go on the Fels skis. Most awesome ski i’ve ever skied. This ski will send chills down your spine…It does whatever you want it to do, doesn’t question your judgement, just does it…Simple. Playing whatever tune you’ve got going on and takes you on a awesome adventure…I am buying the 172cm and the 178cm’s… Only one life to live and I refuse to compromise!
Brian Brooks
Whistler Skier, lives in Riverview, NB.

truly inspired by this light and nimble ski

My experience demoing the Fels ski was extremely rewarding.  I was truly inspired by this light and nimble ski.  I found this very agile ski to be a more than a willing partner, capable of scorching tight, rail edged, turn after quick turn.  I found myself carving deep and hard into both, groomed runs and sketchy, cruddy snow with real confidence.  I was impressed as the ski effortlessy snapped in response to quick jump turn demands in steep and high bumps.  Perhaps though, most important to me, was that I skied this ski, unapologetically, faster than I’ve ever skied on any other ski, on any other day.  I was filled with pure joy.
Jarrett King

It’s a winner!

It’s a winner! I spoke to Terry later also and he was raving about them. I think you are onto something. It’s the first 90mm underfoot ski that skis like a carving ski. I’ve tried lots of other so called all mountain and  I typically just find myself skidding around on the front side. Yours have as good an edge hold as any ski I’ve skied on, and they were very responsive in today’s snow.
Paul McIntyre

this was a very different almost ground breaking experience

Your ski is nicely weighted, light and reactive. This was the first thing I noticed. This is important to me because I don’t like to get tired on my holidays, working my ski (and muscles) to death. Thank you! Next, I found your ski to be super stable at very high speed. Also important to me, as I don’t want to kill myself on my holiday and I felt super safe ramping up the speed – managing the ski was also very easy.
Something that isn’t in other skis – I found the experience of initiating the ski to be very exact, almost pinpoint. I could feel the (incremental) feedback of the edge like never before. This gave me such pleasure, playing with the edge and the pressure control, the skis swishing obediently underneath. It’s likely the best I’ve ever skied on.  I love to carve at extreme speed and I found I could control the ski with very minute changes in pressure – it really reacts quite impressively. 
Short turns were also very good. It had a nice amount of bounce, effortless reaction and so much control, and made my turns easier than I have ever remembered. Again, thank you!
Overall I am amazed at your design, I had a big smile each day and lots of confidence in the performance. I have skied many many skis (been to a lot of ski tests) and this was a very different almost ground breaking experience. Thank you once again.

So, in summary, I loved your ski! And be sure, I’ll let my friends know all about this new ski. Congrats on the innovation.
Bradley Tatnell

They carve incredibly well at any speed

I’m really enjoying my new Fels Attitude skis! They are a very predictable ski in all conditions. They carve incredibly well at any speed with little to no chatter. Also they work really well in powder. If you want a light easy turning ski that is good in all conditions this is the ski for you!
Jay Jubenville